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Automate your time-consuming school development work.

Cultivate larger gifts by putting most of your day-to-day development work on autopilot.
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See how ChalkBooks unlocks the potential of your advancement team

With Simon Tumansky, ChalkBooks CEO

School development teams are working harder and being stretched thin.

To do more with less, school development teams must become more efficient.

Schools are becoming more expensive to operate, and development goals have to go up, but the development budget for staff and resources isn’t increasing enough to keep pace.

The only way to grow giving is to automate time-consuming development work and gain time to focus on more personalized outreach.

But personalization is time-consuming. A thoughtfully written, personalized email can take at least 30 minutes to write!

With ChalkBooks, development teams at independent schools can now write powerful, personalized cultivation emails in under 5 minutes, saving valuable time for more strategic tasks.

Accelerate your development lifecycle

Deliver hyper-personalized outreach at every stage of your cultivation cycle, in a fraction of the time of manual outreach.

Send personalized emails in mere minutes with AI-powered copy and instantly-available donor details populated from automated donor meeting voice notes.

Prepare for meetings with prospects faster

Prepare the Head of School, Trustees and the development team for prospect meetings in minutes. Draft and share real-time updated prospect profile summaries in minutes.

Leverage the power of AI to extract the top priorities from recent conversations to build stronger relationships, faster.

Grow trust with donors with automatic stewardship management

Donors trust organizations that communicate with them promptly and professionally.

Increase donors' trust with automated stewardship built to optimize time-to-first-thanks and enable a continuous stewardship cycle to keep donors updated on the impact of their gifts.

Capitalize on previously unseen donor patterns

Grow donations from your existing base - while massively expanding that base - using in-depth reporting and invaluable cohort pattern-spotting by our powerful analytics suite.

Top independent schools nationwide raise more with us

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Automate hundreds of hours of time-consuming advancement tasks


Identify the top donors faster and focus your energy on building stronger relationships with the help of AI.


Move prospects through the cultivation cycle faster with predictive analytics on donor's inclination and propensity to give.


Build stronger relationships with personalized outreach powered by AI.


Thank donors for their gifts and update on ongoing progress of their contribution with automated multi-step stewardship.


Build board reports or status updates in seconds with powerful analytics.

How ChalkBooks works

ChalkBooks automates and streamlines every donor management task for school advancement teams.